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ELI 280 Resting ECG Clinical Training Videos

Through this video series we’ll review how to operate the ELI 280 and how to acquire an ECG using the device. Topics covered will include: acquisition modules, battery best practices, how to acquire an ECG both traditionally and in a STAT workflow, and clinical settings. If you have any additional questions regarding the ELI 280, please reach out to your local sales representative for more information.

Section 1: Introduction
The Welch Allyn ELI 280 ECG Clinical training series will guide you through functionality, how to, and settings for this device.

Section 2: Acquisition Modules
Learn the two ways to acquire an ECG from the ELI 280 device – via the wired AM12 or Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM).

Section 3: Back of the Device
Learn more about the specific features on the back of the ELI 280 device, including how to install a wireless receiver, plug in an acquisition module, and powering the unit.

Section 4: Battery Best Practices
Make the most of the device battery and learn the nuances of ensuring its always ready to use.

Section 5: Loading Paper
Learn how to load and change the paper in the ELI 280, and how to troubleshoot a light print.

Section 6: Acquiring an ECG
Go through a full exam acquisition from start to finish, including preparing a patient, Best 10 vs Last 10, how to send an exam to the EMR or ECG Management system if connected, taking a rhythm print, and more.

Section 7: STAT ECG Workflow
Use the ELI 280 Resting ECG in emergency situations and learn how to take an exam when no patient information is available. This includes how to match an exam on the device after it has been acquired.

Section 8: Settings
Go through the relevant clinical settings to make the most out of the unit and ensure it is set up for your specific use.

For your convenience, you can download these training videos below:

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