CareAssist & Advanta 2 Bed Preventive Maintenance Online Technical Training

Advanta 2 Med Surg Bed, 3/4 view, right side, shown with P500 surface
1 hour
Course Type
1 hour

Course Description

This program is designed for individuals responsible for troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining the facility’s Hillrom equipment. Upon completion, the participant will have the product knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to keep the patient care areas functioning at their required levels.

Certification Options

After completing the course, the participant will receive a certificate of completion, indicating they are trained to repair and maintain the CareAssist & Advanta 2 Beds. Recertification is required every two years.

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Initial Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive a Certificate of Completion. Certificates will have a 2-year validity period if the attendee is employed by the contracting facility

Participants have access to reference the training content for 2 years. Training content resides in the Hillrom Learning Management System.

Participants are required to recertify every 2 years to maintain their access to training content and Certification.

  • Price: $300.00
  • Duration: 60 minutes
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Recertification – Coming Soon

Course coming soon. Participants are required to recertify every 2 years to maintain their Certification.

  • Price: $150.00
  • Duration: TBD


This course is intended for technical service personnel, including Biomedical Engineers and/or Facilities/Maintenance staff, that perform preventative maintenance, basic troubleshooting, and repair for this Hillrom product.


To enroll in this course, the following knowledge and/or pre-training is required. Participants must also have access to the equipment as follows:

Required Knowledge

Basic understanding of:

  • Product operation
  • Product components and subsystems

Recommended Equipment

  • Access to facility product – recommended
  • Product Service Manual
  • Product Instructions for Use
  • Contact Technical Support


Course Lessons & Content

Participants will become capable of using diagnostic tools for troubleshooting, conducting preventative maintenance, and rendering repairs to CareAssist & Advanta 2 Beds. This eLearning course is designed to train Biomedical Equipment Technicians on servicing and maintaining this CareAssist & Advanta 2 Beds.

Course Content

  • Training Program Overview
  • Product Overview
  • Operational Features
  • Mechanical Components
  • Electrical Systems
  • Preventive Maintenance Activities
  • Course Test

Note - CareAssist/Advanta 2 - This eLearning course provides videos which cover the component removal and replacement activities.

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