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“The SPOT Vision Screener is easy to use, picks up vision pathology very early while still amenable to treatment and keeps our practice in line with the AAP's recommended
standard of care.”

Jessica George
MD, Pediatrician, Tribeca Pediatrics

Jon Garrett

Vision screening is crucial for the early detection and prevention of vision loss in young children1—and technologies such as the Spot Vision Screener have the potential to make those screenings faster and more accurate.2 Read the stories below to see how the Spot Vision Screener is making a difference for organizations and children they treat.



Patient Stories

little boy with a bow tie on

Overcoming A Vision-Threatening Disorder: Bennett’s Story

Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener detects Strabismus in 4-Year-Old. Bennett’s pediatrician used the Spot Vision Screener to perform a routine vision screening. Within seconds, Amanda was aware that the device had detected strabismus in Bennett’s right eye.

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Vision Correction When You Can’t Communicate Your Needs: Thomas’ Story

Undetected Vision Disorder in Child With Down Syndrome Identified by the WELCH ALLYN SPOT Vision Screener.

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Instrument-Based Vision Screening Is a Game Changer for The Malpass Family

When I screened Miles, a complete eye exam was recommended with Anisometropia and Hyperopia. This prompted me to do a vision screening on Parker too. He had the same issue but in his left eye.

black and white portrait of a child

Ryder's Story: Transforming a Child's Life in a Matter of Seconds

After two hours of testing, the pediatric ophthalmologist confirmed the diagnosis. Since Ryder’s vision disorder was caught at a young age, the ophthalmologist decided to patch Ryder’s right eye to correct his left eye. Desperate for a sign of hope, Emily felt this was the best course of action to fix Ryder’s vision disorder.

picture of a todler with pigtails

Landon's Story: How She Survived Retinoblastoma

Imagine trying to learn your letters without your most valuable sense: sight. For some children, that sense is already failing them—and no one has noticed. The most critical time to find vision problems is during the early years, when problems can be corrected while visual pathways are still forming.



Vision for a Brighter Future: Parker's Story

Michelle and Lifespan Health volunteers screened more than 100 kids, including Michelle’s two children—Sophie and Parker. Ironically, with all the routine vision screenings Michelle performs with children at Lifespan Health, she never thought to screen her children prior to this event.






Non-for-Profit Community Programs

Passionate About Vision Screenings: Fred & Lorri Rieger’s Story

For more than 23 years, Fred and Lorri Rieger have been active members of Lions Club International in Long Island, New York. Their focus is on coordinating vision screening events in their community.


Missouri State University Screens Hundreds of Veterans Using Spot Vision Screener

In November 2018, the Missouri State University Office of Citizenship & Service-Learning (CASL) used multiple Spot Vision Screeners to help screen homeless and at-risk individuals for vision problems during the annual Hope Connection event in Springfield, Missouri.


Alan Gunzburg: Overcoming a Vision Disability as a Lions Club Member

Alan first started to notice symptoms when he was having trouble identifying people at a dimly lit bar in New York City. When it became incredibly difficult for Alan to see at night, he went to see an ophthalmologist and two different retinal specialists, all who confirmed Alan’s diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa.

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Helping Children See Their World Clearly

As the Founder and Executive Director of half Helen (hH), people often ask, “What is half Helen?” The short answer — it’s my childhood nickname. Failed vision and hearing screenings in preschool lead to the discovery that I was permanently blind in my left eye and deaf in my right ear.

woman sitting in a cockpit in an airplane

Sarah Watson: A Hero in Aviation and Saving Children’s Vision as a Lions Club Member

In her current volunteer role with the Lions Club, Sarah is one of two vice presidents. Most of her time is spent on vision screenings and coordinating membership rallies.

portrait of an older gentleman

Importance of Early Detection and Treatment of Vision Problems in Children

Dr. Edward Cordes, Chairman of the Lions KidSight USA Foundation, discusses his role in creating a national vision screening program for kids six months to six years old.

Dr. Cordes looking at a child for an eye exam

WELCH ALLYN SPOT Vision Screener Used For International Medical Mission Trip

In February 2023, Dr. Edward Cordes, optometrist and Chair of the Lions KidSight USA Foundation, and Gail Cordes, optician, participated in the Lions Club International Global Week of Service. In total, 30 Lions from 10 different nations participated in over 20 service projects in Kenya.

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