Paris Cardiology Center

Paris Cardiology Center

Enhancing Arrhythmia Detection for You and Your Patients

A male patient wears the single-lead, thin Welch Allyn TAGecg Sensor under his button-down shirt.


Welch Allyn® TAGecg® Wearable Sensor


Paris, Texas

Facility Profile

Located in Northeast Texas, the Paris Cardiology Center is an independent clinic specializing in clinical, diagnostic, non-invasive, invasive and interventional cardiology and peripheral arterial diseases.1

Key Business Goal

Paris Cardiology Center wanted to streamline office workflows, enhance patient outcomes and experiences, and increase accurate atrial fibrillation (A-Fib) detection.




Nancy Caviness, Practice Manager at Paris Cardiology Center, describes how the patient-friendly Welch Allyn TAGecg Wearable Sensor helps enhance arrhythmia detection.

The comfortable, wireless and simple-to-use TAGecg Sensor is changing how clinicians capture ECG data.

The TAGecg Sensor has been easy to integrate into our practice, and application on our patients has been very straightforward. We apply the discreet sensor to the patient and let them resume their daily activities without any interruption.

— Nancy Caviness, Practice Manager at Paris Cardiology Center


Paris Cardiology Center collects, analyzes and interprets results right in their office—without the need for third-party interpretation. Concise reports are generated immediately and deliver actionable snapshots of their patient’s ECG data.

When the patient returns to our office, the TAGconnect software provides an easy-to-understand report in a matter of minutes, reducing the time to diagnosis.


All in all, the TAGecg [Sensor] has shown to be a simple, reimbursable test
to help screen for early A-Fib detection.

— Nancy Caviness, Practice Manager at Paris Cardiology Center