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Case Study

Case Study

Frisbie Memorial Hospital

Doctors and nurses spend 82% less time communicating after implementing smartphones.

After an $80 million expansion and renovation, caregivers at Frisbie Memorial Hospital discovered that the significant increase in square footage made communication much more challenging. According to Sally Gallot-Reeves, MSM, CPM, CCM, RN, Healthcare Project Director, “Trips for supplies and transport added about a third more time and distance that our people had to travel! The distance covered by staff responsible for blood draws and dietary almost doubled.”

With the Voalte system in place, the ability to send and receive text messages drove fundamental changes in the way caregivers communicated. Using pre- and post-implementation studies, Frisbie Memorial showed that total communication time between doctors and nurses dropped 82 percent when it replaced pagers with smartphones.

We saw a 6 percent increase in HCAHPS scores relating to patients getting help as soon as they wanted it, after pressing the nurse-call button.

Sally Gallot-Reeves, MSM, CPM, CCM, RN, Healthcare Project Director Frisbie Memorial Hospital