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Clinician’s Guide to Healthcare Cybersecurity [eBook]

Today, healthcare is a digitally driven industry. The demand for connectivity in healthcare settings is increasing exponentially with no signs of it slowing down. Business Insider predicts connected medical devices will grow from about 95 million in 2015 to 646 million in 2020.1

The modernization of medical record storage and patient data flows brings a new threat landscape.2 Last year, 477 healthcare breaches were reported, impacting approximately 5.6 million patient records.3

With less than 6% of the overall budget dedicated to cybersecurity,4 it’s crucial for clinicians to be well-versed in threat identification and basic security fundamentals to help defend the organization and protect patient health information.

Check out the eBook below, The Clinician’s Guide to Cybersecurity, to learn more about cybersecurity in healthcare and how you can help protect your patients and organization from experiencing a data breach.

What’s inside the eBook:

  • Who are the threat actors?
  • What tactics are used to acquire patient health information?
  • How to secure your hardware and software
cover of the brochure titled The Clinician's Guide to Healthcare Cybersecurity


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