Hillrom Sentinel II Bed product photo

Sentinel II Bariatric Low Bed

Integrated fall prevention solution to support mobilizing bariatric patients

Sentinel II Bariatric low bed is an ideal solution to support a range of patients at risk of falls

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  • Expandable frame (38”- 48”) to accommodate patient specific needs
  • Adjustable bed length (80”- 84”- 88”)
  • Integrated scale
  • Battery backup
  • One-button chair positioning


  • Low bed height of 10.88” may help limit the risk of falls and patient injury
  • Bed exit alarm supports protocol compliance while integration with nurse call may help improve response to patient falls
  • Pressure redistribution surface provides mobilizing patients with firm surface which may help make ingress and egress safe and easy for falls risk patients

Patient dignity

  • Patient-helper trapeze
  • 850 lb patient weight capacity

Standard features

  • Expandable width frame and foam surface
  • Bed Exit Alarm capable of nurse call connection
  • Under bed light
  • In-bed scale
  • Battery backup

Optional features

  • Patient helper trapeze

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