3 Keys to Connecting Data, Devices and People

a doctor and nurse using a mobile device in hospital hallway

Since the federal government mandated “meaningful use” of electronic health records in 2014, hospitals have made the integration of EHR data into other systems a top priority. This same intense focus and effort now needs to be directed to communications systems, the backbone of care collaboration, coordination and delivery.

This white paper examines three critical elements to consider when building a unified communications platform:

  • Expanding device interoperability to support a collaborative communications workflow that gives caregivers the right information at the right time.
  • Integrating alarms and alerts with mobile communications to put waveforms and other clinical data in caregivers’ hands while minimizing unnecessary interruptions.
  • Bringing the patient into the communications loop and increasing engagement with new solutions such as videoconferencing.
Unified Care Communications: 3 Keys to Connecting Data, Devices and People Whitepaper