Your practice is fast paced, so your workflow needs to be, too. Meet your new go-to for accurate patient vitals — when and where you need them.



Experience the Power of Simplicity

This all-in-one device offers clinical results you can trust — with a workflow that works for you.

  • Simple, 7” color touchscreen makes vitals capture easy
  • Built-in blood pressure averaging helps you feel confident in your hypertension screenings
  • Flexible connectivity options send vitals data directly to your EMR — quickly and securely


A Change for the Better

In a study across local and regional multidisciplinary outpatient facilities, clinical users gave their feedback on the Spot Vital Signs 4400 Device compared to legacy devices.* The results were clear: change is good.

An icon illustrates a 90% clinician approval rating

9 out of 10
Manual users would recommend the new Spot Vital Signs 4400 Device.1

A clinician smiles in a primary care setting

“Everything is in one place; it makes exams simple.”



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*This study compared the legacy Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs 4200 Device and manual vital signs workflows to the new Spot Vital Signs 4400 Device. Results showed 88% of users preferred the Spot Vital Signs 4400 Device over their current manual workflow and/or the legacy device.

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