The Welch Allyn RetinaVue care delivery model enables simple and affordable4 diabetic retinopathy screenings within primary care settings. With teleretinal programs, healthcare organizations and payors can help reduce costs2, improve care3, and close vital gaps in diabetic care.1


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Improve star ratings and HCC risk factors.

Patients living with diabetes should be examined for complications on an annual basis, but only 60% comply7. Get the details on how RetinaVue care delivery model can help you close gaps1 and improve Star Ratings8 by enabling Primary Care Physicians to deliver diabetic retinopathy screenings at the point of patient care.


Improve HEDIS, STAR and HCC Risk Factors by Closing Care Gaps 1

Intercepting patients during routine primary care office visits with a teleretinal program, such as the RetinaVue care delivery model can help providers achieve up to 90% documented compliance with diabetic retinal exams in just 12 months.1

The RetinaVue care delivery model supports value-based care and quality programs - and more importantly, the opportunity to save more patients’ vision. Learn more in our eBook, The Solution is in Sight, The Complete Guide to a Successful Teleretinal Program.


Teleretinal programs can achieve up to 90% documented compliance with diabetic retinal exams in just 12 months.1

Welch Allyn® RetinaVue® 700 Imager

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Help Save Vision for Patients Living with Diabetes6 in Primary Care

Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness in working-age adults.5


95% of vision loss due to diabetic retinopathy can be prevented with early detection and treatment.6

RetinaVue Care Delivery Model

Help preserve the vision of your patients living with diabetes with a simple eye exam, that takes minutes to complete, for diabetic retinopathy detection during routine primary care visits. Baxter delivers the three keys to a successful teleretinal program:

Simple and Affordable Hardware

Simple and Affordable Hardware

Secure Software Network

Secure Software Network

Nationwide Services and Support

Nationwide Services and Support



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Welch Allyn® RetinaVue® 700 Imager
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