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Easy Access to Device Data Anytime, Anywhere

Whether it’s ensuring your devices are running smoothly or operating on the latest software versions, Hillrom SmartCare Remote Management can help you:

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Gaining valuable time back with remote access to your fleet

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Meeting security needs on a scalable, secure, cloud-based system that never interacts with PHI or PII

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Keep devices up-to-date with configuration and firmware updates

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Preventing downtime by troubleshooting with ease

Protect Your Vital Devices

$7.1 million breach costs average

Healthcare company data breach costs average $7.1 million, more than any other industry.1

Security and safety are a top priority for your facility. Help ensure your vital signs monitors and vision screening devices are operating as they should be. With a single, remote system, you can experience preventive maintenance efficiencies while staying on top of firmware upgrades, to ensure your fleet is functioning at its finest.

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With SmartCare Remote Management, you can securely manage:

Welch Allyn® Connex® Vital Signs Monitor

Welch Allyn® Connex® Vital Signs Monitor

Welch Allyn® Connex Spot Monitor

Welch Allyn® Connex Spot Monitor

Welch Allyn® Connex Integrated Wall System

Welch Allyn® Connex Integrated Wall System

Welch Allyn® RetinaVue® 700 Imager

Welch Allyn® RetinaVue® 700 Imager

See How Remote Device Management Fits in Your Workflows

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Uncover Instant Location Tracking

Patients rely on your equipment for their health and safety — don’t miss preventative maintenance because you can’t locate a device. Uncover how SmartCare Remote Management locates your connected devices in our brochure.

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Explore Consistent, Timely Device Management

Help biomed teams gain valuable time back so they can focus efforts where they’re needed most. See how SmartCare Remote Management helps streamline device management in our white paper.

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  1. Source: IBM. 2020 The Annual Cost of a Data Breach Report. https://newsroom.ibm.com/2020-07-29-IBM-Report-Compromised-Employee-Accounts-Led-to-Most-Expensive-Data-Breaches-Over-Past-Year. Accessed July 6, 2021.