A clinician holding a tablet talks with a patient in a Progressa+ ICU bed

Let's Connect at NTI

Join us in booth 1612 for hands-on demonstrations and expert consultations on the latest early mobility practices for the ICU.

May 20-22, 2024 | Denver, CO

Let's Connect

We’re Here for You at NTI

Join us in booth 1612 for hands-on demonstrations and personalized discussions on how our solutions may help support your early mobility protocols.

Progressa+ ICU bed is shown in full chair position at a slight angle

See how this true ICU bed can help you support patient mobility, skin and pulmonary protocols1,2,3..

Two clinicians help a patient stand up from a Progressa+ ICU bed

Talk with our experts about how this protocol can provide an outline to effectively develop and implement evidence-based interventions to help support your patient mobility protocols.

Voalte Mobile application is shown on a smartphone

Voalte Care Communications Platform

Learn how connecting solutions such as nurse call, physiological monitors and smart beds to a mobile communication solution4 can help you send patient data and near-real-time alerts to the right person at the right time.5


Meet a True ICU Bed for Your True ICU Reality

Watch how this true ICU bed can support you in helping your patients stabilize — and support the critical care teams at the heart of it all.

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A clinician supports a patient’s back as he sits up in a Progressa+ ICU bed

Take a Patient- and Family-Centered Approach to Early Mobility in the ICU

In the ICU, movement is key to stability. Explore our latest AACN-endorsed ABCDEF bundle that takes a patient- and family-centered approach to early mobility in the ICU. Within, you will find:

  • Benefits of progressive mobility protocols
  • Evidence-based practice criteria for mobility
  • The evolving role of the EHR in mobility protocol implementation

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Mobile Communication in Action

Patient conditions are constantly changing, making it imperative for hospital staff to always stay informed. But multiple devices, shift changes and an overload of alerts can get in the way of care. Voalte Mobile is a conduit for communication, bringing multidisciplinary teams together through one comprehensive mobile application. Watch how the mobile communications solution helps unify care coordination to support better patient care.

An ICU nurse and physician consult on patient care

You’re There For Your Patients in the ICU. We’re Here For You.

Dive deeper into how the Hillrom Progressa+ Bed — a true ICU bed — addresses many of today’s leading critical care challenges. Then see how we’re reaching across our portfolio to support patients and clinicians in the ICU.

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