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To sell cutting-edge medical devices and solutions that enhance outcomes for patients and caregivers around the world.

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Valerie Guess headshot

Before working with Hillrom I was exposed to their people and products, both of which were of the highest quality. When the opportunity to become part of the Hillrom team was presented to me, I was thrilled. Now, 20+ years later, the quality of the people I work with is second to none, and Hillrom remains committed to putting out to innovative and top quality products. As a professional I have grown and been challenged throughout my tenure here. But most important to me is my family, and Hillrom has allowed me to make the best work-life choices resulting in a win-win professional and personal life.

 — Valerie Guess


Nicholas Shahinian headshot

Why did I join Hillrom? Well, I have several reasons, but the main decision point was the corporate culture. Everyone I spoke to during the interview process was a consummate professional and portrayed the very personification of the team I was seeking to join. During the final interview, I was early and decided to have lunch at a local restaurant. As I was establishing a relationship with the waiter, I was cognizant they must associate with local Hillrom employees as it’s the only establishment in the vicinity. So, I asked his opinion. The immediate response without hesitation: “Incredible corporate culture, great products.” This was the defining moment. Good people make great companies.

 — Nicholas Shahinian